Meet The Founders

Kam Shedy


I was introduced to the world of caviar at a young age by my father, who was involved in the caviar business in the 1970s until his retirement. His business was based in London and operated successfully for over 40 years.

During my teenage years, I had the opportunity to contribute to the family business by packaging and grading caviar. I would meticulously package hundreds of boxes to be sold at retail during the peak season. The caviar would be imported in 1kg cans and then distributed in smaller 50g, 125g, and 250g cans for the retail market. Opening those original 1kg boxes with their red rubber seals was always a challenge, but it added to the excitement and anticipation of uncovering the splendor hidden within, much like a truffle hunter never knowing what they will find.

I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed the evolution of the caviar trade. Sturgeon aquaculture has reached unprecedented levels, thanks to the methodical, patient, and sustainable approaches adopted by renowned caviar aquaculture farms. This dedication has resulted in the production of the most exquisite quality of caviar available.

We believe in letting the quality of our caviar speak for itself. Our operations encompass the United Kingdom, European Union, and United Arab Emirates. With decades of experience and a genuine passion for sourcing the finest caviar, we cater to some of the world's most esteemed restaurants and hotels. Our commitment is to prioritise the quality of our caviar and exceptional customer service in everything we do.

Always at your service.




Sanaz Karimi


Sanaz is an exceptional professional with experience in the hospitality sector. She has a robust background in operations at a renowned hospitality group known for its Michelin-starred restaurants. However, her true passion lies in event management, where she excels in meticulously planning and flawlessly executing our special event services.

With her profound understanding of the culinary landscape, Sanaz goes above and beyond by taking a hands-on approach at all events. She is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is perfect and that our clients have an unforgettable experience.